ePM Clinics

Electronic Patient Management

Management of Clinical Practice​

ePM Clinics is the solution for clinical-administrative management of medical clinics. The system organizes and optimizes all the information concerning administrative and clinical activity since patients’ arrival until their discharge. ePM is totally customizable and is prepared to function in a modular manner and customized to client’s requirements, with the following modules: Patient Management, Scheduling, Medical Appointments, Prescription, Billing and Management.


Patient Data Management

  • Automatic reading and data import from ID card / NHS number
  • Simplified filling of patient’s file (demographic data, family background, etc)



The scheduling module was designed for the administrative profile and has all the required tools for BackOffice and direct interaction with patients. One of the main advantages of the system is its ability to share patient’s data through all profiles (doctor, nurse, manager), reducing inputs duplication .

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Medical Appointment

This module is restricted to the doctor profile and adapts to every clinical specialty due to its high level of personalization and configuration.

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The prescription module simplifies the act of prescribing medication, exams, medical care and diets.

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ePM Billing is the invoicing module specifically developed for medical offices and clinics.

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The Management module was developed for top managers, directors and administrators. With this module, they can monitor and have access to all clinical and business activity: profits, margins, definition of fees, statistical maps, business analysis, etc.

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Meds Prescriptions/year


Exam Prescriptions/year

Distinctive Features

  • Patients’ single database
  • Multi-institution concept of invoicing
  • Integrated contact system manager: e-mail, SMS, call
  • Certified electronic prescription module (meds, exams, diets, medical care)
  • Optional module for billing and fees

Technical Features

  • No installation required
  • Web solution, accessible with any browser in Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Security and redundancy of database in a professional datacenter
  • On-line helpdesk
  • Possibility of local installation in larger clinics


  • Single platform for clinical and administrative management
  • Accessibility from any workstation
  • Usability
  • Total integration of information
  • Control and global vision of the clinical and business activity

  • Ideal for individual medical practice
  • Exclusive module for individual electronic prescription

  • Specific for Private Social Solidarity Institutions (IPSS), public and private hospitals