Electronic Patient Management


The scheduling module was designed for the administrative profile and has all the required tools for BackOffice and direct interaction with patients. One of the main advantages of the system is its ability to share patient’s data through all profiles (doctor, nurse, manager), reducing duplication of inputs.

Scheduling Appointments

  • Simplified management system of agendas by day, week, month
  • Appointments, transfers, cancellations of medical appointments
  • Occupancy rate for appointments optimization
  • Graphic display of medical offices occupancy rate
  • Active and synchronized Worklists with medical doctor
  • Patient appointment status (Arrived, Called, Started) integrated with doctor’s desktop
  • Sending SMS or phone call as a schedule reminder

Documents Manager

  • Issuing of administrative documents
  • Digitalization and cataloguing of patient’s documents (lab results, exams, ...)
  • Integrated management of clinical reports
  • Storage of document versions

  • Ideal for individual medical practice
  • Exclusive module for individual electronic prescription

  • Specific for clinics, medical offices, multi-institution health providers, Private Social Solidarity Institutions

  • Specific for Private Social Solidarity Institutions, public and private hospitals