Electronic Patient Management

Medical Appointment

This module is restricted to the doctor profile and adapts to every clinical specialty due to its high level of personalization and configuration.

Patient Clinical Record

  • Concept of “private notes” with restrict access
  • Access to patient’s records history/reports
  • Diagnostic coding (ICD) by autocomplete
  • Concept of patient’s history/evolution of diagnoses
  • Vital signs registering (integration with nurse profile)
  • Clinical alerts transversal to all clinical specialties (allergies, background, habits, vaccines, etc)
  • Consult and register of DTP results

Other Features

  • Worklist display (integrated with administrative profile)
  • Filters by status (Arrive, Call, End)
  • Display of vacancies and/or cancelled appointments
  • Acts and material consumptions automatically linked to invoicing
  • Document management (documents can be attached to patient’s record)
  • Documents issuing (medical certificate, clinical indications)

  • Ideal for individual medical practice
  • Exclusive module for individual electronic prescription

  • Specific for clinics, medical offices, multi-institution health providers, Private Social Solidarity Institutions

  • Specific for Private Social Solidarity Institutions, public and private hospitals