Electronic Patient Management


The prescription module seeks to reflect and simplify the act of prescribing medication, exams, medical care and diets.


  • Manual or automatic search by INN, trade name, favourites
  • Intuitive posology: free text or automatic
  • Access to the Defined Drug Dose (DDD) 
  • Similar/generic medication
  • Manipulated medication
  • Renewable prescriptions
  • Nonprescription drugs
  • Patient's specific pathological conditions
  • Suggestion of lower cost medication
  • Drug cost comparison
  • Access to previous prescriptions
  • Reuse of previous prescriptions 


  • Prescription of DTP (Diagnostic & Therapeutic Procedures)  
  • Automatic or manual search  
  • Selection of types of samples
  • Clinical information in one single field
  • Reuse prescriptions
  • Checking and registering results/medical reports

Medical Care & Diets

  • Prescription of Diets and Therapeutic Indications
  • Insert clinical notes
  • Reuse of previous prescriptions

  • Ideal for individual medical practice
  • Exclusive module for individual electronic prescription

  • Specific for clinics, medical offices, multi-institution health providers, Private Social Solidarity Institutions

  • Specific for Private Social Solidarity Institutions, public and private hospitals