ePM Hospital

Electronic Patient Management

ePM Hospital is a modular information system for healthcare institutions with several areas of assistance: Outpatient, Emergency, Inpatient, Operating Room and Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures. It integrates with other hospital’s IS covering all hospital's activities.





The Outpatient module allows organization and optimization of medical appointments and outpatient services. Developed in partnership with healthcare professionals, it allows a systematic, effective, simple and user-friendly record and access to information. This module allows clinical activity management within any specialty.


The Emergency module incorporates specific tools for acute or urgent situations, covering all patient’s circuit since his arrival until his discharge or hospitalization. Including a triage system (Manchester, Canadian), the solution icorporates a single system which allows direct admission by the triage nurse/doctor whenever they are the first ones to interact with the patient. The identification system by national electronic card or id number allows unique and immediate identification without requiring data entry, avoiding long waiting times.


The Inpatient module provides information for centralized patient record management, since admission until discharge, covering data inputs from all profiles, interventions/medical care, medication, consumables, etc. It was designed in order to allow high levels of efficiency and quality improvement of hospital care services.

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Procedures (DTP)

For inpatients or outpatients, the medical doctor can electronically prescribe DTPs for immediate or scheduled performing. This module integrates with PACS and with patient’s clinical history record.

Operating Room


The Operating Room module contemplates much more than a simple intervention. This module follows the whole circuit since surgical proposal until patient’s discharge, specifically, waiting list management, surgery schedules, hospitalization, etc.

At any time, backoffice staff can verify registered or awaiting surgery patients, edit and modify contact information and status of surgical waiting list. This circuit requires data integration and information flow between different professionals (doctors, nurses, backoffice staff).

  • Ideal for individual medical practice
  • Exclusive module for individual electronic prescription

  • Specific for clinics, medical offices, multi-institution health providers, Private Social Solidarity Institutions





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