Electronic Patient Management

Billing and Payments

In Billing module, values charged to patients may be configured beforehand in order to systematize, reduce and provide quicker assistance. Backoffice staff has access to all the required tools, such as, invoices, duplicates, credit notes and receipts. All information registered in medical/nursing acts becomes immediately available for billing purposes.


  • Issuing of certified documentation (invoices, receipts, debit notes,…)
  • Coding of medical acts and price configuration for insurance companies
  • Electronic billing (insurance companies, …)
  • Interaction with medical acts within the appointment
  • Booking of acts not undertaken by the doctor
  • Cash-flow sheet of rates/payments by employee and/or service
  • Generation of files for accounting
  • Registering of consumables associated to medical acts
  • Viewing of daily or periodic cash flow sheets

  • Ideal for individual medical practice
  • Exclusive module for individual electronic prescription

  • Specific for clinics, medical offices, multi-institution health providers, Private Social Solidarity Institutions

  • Specific for Private Social Solidarity Institutions, public and private hospitals