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First Solutions Integrates the SMC COTEC Innovation Network


First Solutions has integrated the Small and Medium Companies (SMC) COTEC Innovation Network, whereby the official presentation took place on 9 November, in Lisbon, and was attended by the President of the Republic, Prof. Aníbal Cavaco Silva, who presided over the session for the presentation of the respective certificates to the new companies that became part of the Network.  This recognition is the result of a rigorous application process that recognized First Solutions’ sustainable innovation practise.

COTEC Portugal – Associação Empresarial para a Inovação (Entrepreneurial Association for Innovation), was constituted in 2003 and a set of companies are a part of it, which global gross added value represented 14% of the National GDP, at the time.  The office of President of the General Assembly has been held by the President of the Republic since the start of its activity, which reveals the national significance of COTEC’s mission – to promote the increase in competitiveness of the companies located in Portugal, by means of the resident know-how in the country.  The SMC Innovation Network currently has 141 members from all fields of activity.

This is another step towards recognizing First Solutions as an important player in the market and one of the national companies operating in the Information technologies market with the greatest bet on innovation.

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