University Hospital Center of Coimbra implements epidemiological surveillance with Hepic



The University Hospital Center of Coimbra (CHUC) is the new public healthcare institution to provide Hepic for epidemiological surveillance. The project is being implemented in its six units and will ensure the monitoring of more than 1900 beds of the Hospital Center.
Hepic will become the main technological tool of the PPCIRA team (Program for Prevention and Control of Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance) in this hospital unit.
In order to ensure effective surveillance, the system will integrate and cross-link clinical, service and patient data with hospital’s information systems. The solution, in addition to ensure compliance with PPCIRA guidelines, will allow implementation of the Antibiotic Prescription Support Program (PAPA), through a new Hepic module, which will now be implemented in this Hospital Center.
Choosing Hepic to respond to such a critical area, in the biggest hospital center in the country, is a reason for great satisfaction to our team.