SiiMA Screening

Information system for population-based or opportunistic screening programs 

SiiMA Screening is a management information system for implementation of a screening workflow circuit since invitation for exam/procedure until report or treatment and follow-up process. This platform is currently functioning in several Portuguese clients with the following modules: Cervical Cancer Screening, Colon and Rectum Cancer Screening, Breast Cancer Screening and Diabetic Retinopathy Screening. All system processes are based on the best practices and follow the guidelines described in the European Guidelines for implementation of Screening Programs.



  • Definition of criteria for identification and selection of targeted population
  • Definition of functional circuits for each type of screening
  • Definition of entities in treatment circuit
  • Control of screening program evolution 
  • Evaluation of  impact on patients’ quality of life
  • Adjustments in the program according to results
  • Centralized coordination of screening programs

Added Value

  • Simplification of patient calling process
  • Decrease of waiting lists for medical appointments/exams
  • Simplified access of specialists to exams
  • Assistance in prevention and early detection of illness
logótipo do European Enterprise Awards

"BARCCU" Cervical Cancer Screening Project in Alentejo:

2010 - First National Award from the European Enterprise Awards - “Development of the Business Environment” category
2009 - European Award “Pearl of Wisdom 2009” – for its innovative features.


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