Despite the severe economic, financial and social crisis in Portugal, Group First (First) shows a significant growth in its consolidated results for 2013 compared to 2012. The consolidated turnover increased 11% compared to 2012, while EBITDA maintained a value exceeding 20% of the turnover. Net Profit has increased nearly 29%.
The Associação da Congregação de Santa Catarina (ACSC) (Association of the Sisters of Saint Catherine Congregation), a Brazilian organization that operates in the areas of health, education and social assistance, has recently signed a contract with First Solutions Brazil, in order to implement the company’s Hepic solution - Hospital Epidemiologic Control. This software allows the prevention and control of healthcare-related infections, in the Infection Control Committees (HICC) of its network of
Hepic (First’s Information System designed for the surveillance of healthcare-associated infections) is going to be implemented in JMS. The JMS Group includes Hospitals in the cities of Braga and Vila Franca de Xira, as well as the CUF health units (CUF Descobertas, CUF Infante Santo, CUF Porto, CUF Cascais and CUF Torres Vedras). In the CUF health units, First intends to implement a multi-entity solution, thus allowing surveillance per Hospital and per Group.