Associação Congregação de Santa Catarina uses First’s HICC software

With the investment in the Hepic software solution, the Association seeks to enhance the security and care of its patients.


From left to right: Victória Musallam (Sales Manager of First Brazil), Bruno Lemos (Project Manager of First Brazil), Sister Penha (Executive Advisor), Filipe Pereira (General Manager of First Brazil), Dr. Camila Sardenberg (Quality and Patient Safety Manager in ACSC) and Dr. Gláucia Varkulja (Coordinator of Infectious Disease  Control at Hospital Santa Catarina)

About Associação Congregação de Santa Catarina

With 116 years, ACSC is currently one of the largest philanthropic organizations in Brazil. Through a model of sustainable corporate governance, the organization can effectively manage the 33 units in the areas of Health, Education and Welfare in seven Brazilian states: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Ceará, Mato Grosso and Goiás. Overall, ACSC has about 13 000 employees and conducts an average of 15 million health appointments per year.

This governance model allows the permanent fulfilling of the dignified mission started by the Sisters of Saint Catherine. They welcome every human being in its entirety, combining organizational effectiveness, Christian values and commitment with the needs of the most disadvantaged communities.
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The Associação da Congregação de Santa Catarina (ACSC) (Association of the Sisters of Saint Catherine Congregation), a Brazilian organization that operates in the areas of health, education and social assistance, has recently signed a contract with First Solutions Brazil, in order to implement the company’s Hepic solution - Hospital Epidemiologic Control. This software allows the prevention and control of healthcare-related infections, in the Infection Control Committees (CCIH) of its network of hospitals.

In the health sector, ACSC relies on the accumulated knowledge of over 100 years in hospital management. With investments in planning and processes, the units managed by ACSC provides humane, modern and differentiated services.

Currently, ACSC manages various health centres and eight hospitals, including the Hospital Santa Catarina (Sao Paulo) and the Casa de Saúde São José (Rio de Janeiro), where Hepic is already under implementation.

Hepic was evaluated by doctors, nurses and IT professionals from ACSC and, among other advantages, the solution was chosen "by its ease of use and expertise in the management and control of healthcare-related infections," says Dr. Camila Sardenberg, Quality and Patient Safety Manager in Associação da Congregação de Santa Catarina.

With this tool, HICC will be more efficient in collecting and providing real-time information. "We will share knowledge and save time in our tasks, as a successful experience can be easily replicated. Moreover, we will reduce the complexity, since we are now able to create default actions and resources, for diagnosis and treatment of infections," says Dr. Sardenberg.

For the HICC of ACSC, the purpose of adopting this tool is to "prevent damage and to improve patient safety and care, since the indicators can be standardized, allowing for faster communication. As we are a large group, with various healthcare units, we hope that Hepic can help us to improve within our network, “explains Dr. Sardenberg.

For the Sales Manager of First Brazil, Victória Musallam, this project highlights once more the innovative characteristics of this solution for the healthcare market. "We have been having very positive feedback from our customers regarding the added-value that Hepic brings and how this tool simplifies the complex work of the HICC teams. For us, it is a privilege to actively contribute with our solution to the fulfillment of these team’s tasks."
“We see many advantages in Hepic. The biggest one will be better care for our patients," says Dr. Camila Sardenberg.