First Group grows 11% in turnover and 29% in Net Profit in 2013

Despite the severe economic, financial and social crisis in Portugal, Group First (First) shows a significant growth in its consolidated results for 2013 compared to 2012.


The consolidated turnover increased 11% compared to 2012, while EBITDA maintained a value exceeding 20% of the turnover. Net Profit has increased nearly 29%.

José Correia de Sousa , First’s President and CEO, says that "under the international context marked by recession in the euro zone, the strong austerity and budgetary constraints in Portugal  and the 20% break in the exchange rate Euro vs Brasilian Real, these results are excellent and show that First is responding well to adversity and adapt to the current reality".
Two years ago, First had more than 90% of its turnover in the National Healthcare Service, "last year, over 50% of our orders came from private healthcare providers, which shows First’s great adaptability. There are areas with exponential growth, such as SaaS/Cloud services which has proved a huge success", further states José Correia de Sousa.
For 2014 FIRST expects to continue to grow at a rate of 2 digits and enter in new markets.