Quality Certification

It is with tremendous pride and satisfaction that we transmit that First Solutions obtained the Quality certification within the scope of customer support.

Its customers’ satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the services provided constitute two of the main pillars of First Solutions’ activity.

First’s Quality Management System (Sistema de Gestão da Qualidade – SGQ) was certified by APCER in accordance with the requirements of the NP EN ISO 9001:2008 Norm and, during an initial phase, will focus on Customer Support.

The SGQ uses a process approach to manage the set of activities developed by the Service Desk with the aim of continuously improving the service we provide.

Thus, the certification of the system implemented ensures that the requirements consecrated in the norm, namely the management’s commitment with the focus on the customer and on the improvement of processes and services are, effectively, the principles that guide our activity.

Lastly, we appreciate the cooperation of all those involved: First’s customers, employees and suppliers, for without them this certification process would not have been possible.