Portuguese Technology has standout in Vienna

Tiago Oliveira, First's Business Development Manager and Filipe Pereira, First's Member of the Board

Took place between 4th and 8th of March, in Vienna, the largest Radiology Congress of Europe, the ECR, and First marked its presence being the only Portuguese company to participate in the event and to present the best there is in health information systems.
In Vienna we’ve demonstrated two solutions focused on Radiology: SiiMA RIS information system that manages the entire functional circuit of a radiology service, since exam scheduling until medical report delivery and Mytelerad, a new teleradiology product officially presented in Vienna. MyTelerad is an information system that allows the radiologist to create his own business, customer network and manage all requests and reports delivery anytime, anywhere and fully autonomously. This solution is expected to be a relevant tool in the global radiology market.
For Filipe Pereira, First's Member of the Board, this participation "marks a very important step in enhancing First’s image and positioning across borders."
The balance of participating in ECR "is extremely positive, because it allowed the opening of new commercial channels to explore, as well as raising some leads that will now be worked out" it also served to "confirm the interest of the global market in our solutions."

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