Porto Hospital Centre with First’s Epidemiological Surveillance System, Hepic


The Porto Hospital Centre is the latest public health institution to adopt Hepic. First’s Epidemiological Surveillance System will be the main working tool of Infection Control Committee and Antimicrobial Resistance in combating what today is a truly global epidemic: infections and antimicrobial resistance.

This project allows the monitoring of the three hospitals of the hospital centre: Santo António General Hospital, Maternity Julio Dinis and Hospital Joaquim Urbano. Hepic integrates with Patient Management Information Systems (SONHO), SClínico, SAPE, Laboratory and Pharmacy and ensures the monitoring of about 700 beds the hospital.

Hepic allows issuing real-time alerts whenever an epidemiologically important microorganism is detected, production of reports and statistics and, importantly, allows the operation of the national Program Support for Antibiotics Prescription (PAPA).


This health unit joins other national references, with the overall aim of epidemiological surveillance and control of antimicrobial resistance.