III ANCI Activities

It was on 13 November, 2009, that the Associação Nacional de Controlo de Infecção (ANCI – National Association for the Control of Infection) held the III ANCI Activities, at the University of Minho, in Guimarães.

Once more, First Solutions associated itself to this initiative, this year as the event’s Major Sponsor.

As the area of CCIH is one of the company’s main areas of activity, First provided a demonstration of its solution Hepic (Hospital Edemiologic Control) at its stand.
Hepic is a solution that allows for the monitoring and control of the entire Epidemiological Surveillance of Infections Associated with Health Care process (IACS) and aims at being the main work tool of the Infection Control Committees (Comissões de Controlo de Infecção – CCI) at the Health Units that adopt this solution.

The affluence of participants to the event reached the Organization’s expectations, attaining the 350 enrolments.