Hepic reaches three more hospitals in Brazil

After the implementation of hepic in the Nove de Julho’s Hospital in Brazil, Group First is now launching the solution in three more Brazilian hospitals: Lifecenter’s Hospital in Belo Horizonte, Santa Marcelina’s and Cidade Tirandentes’ Hospitals in Sao Paulo.
Lifecenter’s is one of the best equipped hospitals in Brazil. The infectious disease physician and epidemiologist, Carlos Starling, considers "a revolutionary informatics tool" and highlights the advantages of a system that makes every minute, the screening of different databases of the hospital and its partners (laboratory and pharmacy), regardless of the language they use.
The Santa Marcelina’s and Cidade Tirandentes’ Hospitals, are run by a non-profit institution in Sao Paulo with other 4 hospitals, several units of primary and secondary care, and with a large area of territorial influence in the city of Sao Paulo and in Roraima, in the extreme north of Brazil.