Group First acquires Netforis

Group First has recently acquired NetForIS, Lda, a consultancy company in the area of Information Systems. First Solutions Capital, SGPS now owns the majority of the share capital and the company’s founders and directors, Jorge Ribeiro and João Saraiva own the remaining shares.


This acquisition translates into added value for the Group, due to NetForIS’ experience in Microsoft technologies, namely in .net and sql server, the experience and functional knowledge of its professionals in Information Systems and the diversity and enlargement of the offer in markets, products and IT services.
Therefore, First has expanded its clients portfolio, which includes, among others, VOX – Organização Industrial Gráfica, Lda, a large printing company in Portugal, and the Parfois chain stores.


In this way, Group First takes another step forward in its structural consolidation, in terms of offers, clients, products and services. The Group counts on the growing know-how contribution, performance and professionalism of its entire team, which has now, with this acquisition, more than 50 employees.