AC Camargo Cancer Center is the most recent project of First Brasil


The philanthropic AC Camargo Cancer Center ( Sao Paulo, Brazil ) is the latest First Brasil’s Hepic client. This project is an extremely rewarding milestone for the company, besides the importance and value of this institution in the fight against cancer, it’s the first time that Hepic (Hospital Epidemiologic Infection Control) is deployed in a brazilian hospital dedicated exclusively to cancer. With Hepic, the HICC will be provided with a unique working tool, which will monitor infections in real time. This system will assist the entire workflow of one of the most stricter hospital’s infection control committees in the country and will integrate with leading hospital information systems, including MV’s HIS (Hospital Information System) and DASA’s LIS (Laboratory Information System), making all interconnected and useful information automatically available to the services involved.

For Victoria Musallam, sales manager at First Brasil, this project confirms Hepic as the most important and effective tool to support infection control commissions. "The focus of the AC Camargo in Hepic consolidates the leading position of First Solutions Brasil in such a sensitive and important clinical area such as the Hospital Infection Control.

With more than 60 years, AC Camargo is one of the most reputable hospitals in fighting cancer in Brazil and one of the largest centers for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, education and research of the disease. Each year are diagnosed and admitted nearly 15,000 patients not only from Brazil but also from other parts of the world. Since its founding, it has already passed through this hospital more than 700.000 patients.

According to Ivan França, HICC Coordinator at AC Camargo, the main reasons that led them to select Hepic as a working tool for his team, was the fact that the system is "easy to perform , intuitive, and most importantly, highly customizable" . With Hepic, obtaining indicators and their correlations "reflect measures of response more efficient in day-to-day infection control."
In general, the expectations with Hepic are high "we believe that with this tool we provide information in real time as well as indicators of quality of care to cancer patients" and that "it will be possible to determinate with more accuracy the impact of prevention measures amongst population, "afirms Dr. Ivan.

With Hepic AC Camargo will now streamline the entire process of collecting and processing data, which was done before and compiled manually. "We believe Hepic is a working tool very useful for this information to be released with much more agility and our "final product", which is the safety of our patients, will be improved every day, concludes Dr. Ivan França.
First Solutions Brazil thus fulfills one of its objectives to deploy Hepic in an institution with such an important mission in the landscape of global health and with such significant treatment success rates: 70% in adults and 75% in children.