Epidemiological surveillance in healthcare units

Information system for management of epidemiological surveillance circuits and control of healthcare-associated infections



  • Integrations with different information systems: Microbiology Laboratory, Pharmacy, Emergency and HIS
  • Real-time interoperability
  • Alerts automatically sent to different hospital services
  • Assessment of the incidence rates and predefined indicators
  • Database management for epidemiologically relevant micro-organisms
  • System for real-time alerts
  • Statistics regarding consumption of antibiotics, disinfectant solutions
  • Reports management and ad-hoc statistics
  • Calculation of Infection Incidence Rates
  • Real-time statistics
  • Monitoring of restricted used antibiotics

Return on investment

  • Cost reductions with inadequate prophylactic surgeries
  • Antibiotic prescription based on the hospital’s susceptibility profile and on antibiotic costs
  • Increase in HICC’s productivity

Production of permanent studies

  • Infections in Dialysis Units
  • Helics – ICU
  • Helics – Surgery
  • Infections in NICU
  • Nosocomial Bloodstream Infections

Production of occasional studies

  • Prevalence of Infection
  • Studies on Nosocomial Pneumonia Incidence
  • Studies on Urinary Infection Incidence




Monitorized beds


Portuguese Institutions


International Institutions

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest public health problems worldwide

(source: CDC)



Clinical and financial achievements through drug administration based on the best cost-benefit ratio.