First Integrated Image Diagnostic

FiiD is a medical imaging diagnosis station that can be integrated with any kind of clinical device, digital or analogical, and with any PACS.

With FiiD, it is possible to integrate analogical and digital equipment in any kind of PACS solution. The exchange of information with the external systems is safeguarded through DICOM 3 protocol, enabling loading of worklists from HIS/RIS. It is also possible to send execution data to HIS/RIS and to archive images on PACS. Image archiving is safeguarded by a waiting list management system which guarantees that images are not lost even in low-speed networks.



  • The recording of exams is carried out by resorting to DICOM Modality Worklist.
  • The conclusion of the exam is communicated through DICOM MPPS protocol and images are sent in DICOM format to PACS.
  • The unattended video recording enables doctor to select images after the acquisition, decreasing the duration of the exam for the patient.
  • The use of a touchscreen and pedals to capture images allows the doctor to have greater focus on the patient and comfort in using the platform.
  • Importing of images previously recorded allows one to complement the study of the patient with information from multiple sources, even in a home-setting support environment.