Video-Interpreting Service

Serviin is a video-interpreting service that breaks communication barriers between deaf and hearing communities through videoconference, by 3G phones or on-line. The service is provided by interpreters graduated in Portuguese Sign Language.

At this point, Serviin is only being provided in Portuguese Sign Language. We are making efforts in order to internationalize it soon!

Portal do Cidadão Surdo

Serviin Services

  • Video-interpreting
  • On-line interpreting (television, webTV, conferences)
  • Off-line interpreting (sites, corporate TV, videos)
  • Directed Communication ( and


  • Breaking (bidirectional) communication barriers with a community that has more than 120 thousand people (in Portugal), contributing to equal access to services and products
  • Strengthening values of brand or companies social sustainability and responsability  
  • Enabling interaction, understanding and adapting commercial offering 
  • Without installation, integration and training costs


equal access to information