e-saúde 2009 Event

The e-saúde 2009 event was held on 25 and 26 June at the Museu do Oriente, in Lisbon, under the tutelage of the Ministry of Health.

The objectives of this event, according to the words of the Secretary of State for Health, Dr. Manuel Pizarro, were “… to promote know-how and the sharing of information, encourage national creativity and innovation, contribute to the involvement of health professionals and aid in modernizing the Portuguese health system, especially its public element, the National Health Service.”

Some of First Solutions’ reference projects were promoted at this event, namely, the UPIP – Urgência Pediátrica Integrada do Porto project (Oporto’s Integrated Paediatric Emergency), presented by Dr. José Castanheira, Coordinator of the Information Systems Management Unit of the Northern Regional Health Administration (Administração Regional de Saúde Norte – ARS Norte), the CALENO project (Border TeleMedicine System for Castile, Leon and the Northeast Transmontano), by Halestino Pimentel from the Informatics Office of ACES of Alto Trás-os-Montes I – Northeast, and the TeleMedicine System in Alentejo, by Dr. Luis Gonçalves, TeleMedicine Coordinator for the region.

In the event’s exhibition area, projects that are based on First Solutions technological platforms were also presented: Cervical Cancer Screening and the Alentejo’s Regional Health Administration TeleMedicine System; the CALENO Project; Cervical Cancer Screening and UPIP of the Northern ARS.

Considering the Professional public’s affluence, the projects exhibited and the way in which they have contributed to the modernization of the Portuguese health system, the presentations made and, especially, the presentation of the result of the reflections of the Work Group for the Registration of Electronic Health, we can conclude that e-saúde 2009 greatly surpassed the targets striven for.